Online Printing Company PrintCarrier.com Introduces Business Cards with Laser Cutting

6 Luglio 2017


- Laser-cut business cards compete with traditional paper business cards and open up new possibilities for personalised designs.  

The demand for unusual business cards is growing, as many people want a business card that stands out from the crowd. The online printing company PrintCarrier.com offers many new materials and innovative finishing techniques - including laser cutting.  

Laser-cut business cards: the upgrade for traditional paper business cards  

For a while now, the demand for special business card materials and processing techniques has been growing as a way of using design to stand out from the sea of ordinary business cards. Differentiation can be achieved by using unusual materials or a finishing technique, turning a simple business card into something special.

Laser cutting is one of these finishes and is created by means of laser beams. Using this technique, any shape or pattern, including lines of any thickness or dots, can be cut out of or engraved into the chosen material. There is a wide range of suitable materials to choose from, as many types of paper can finished in this way, including coated, uncoated, printed, unprinted, mass-coloured and textured paper. In addition to various luxury paper grades and grey board, PrintCarrier.com also offers laser finishing on a selection of native and exotic woods and on transparent acrylic glass.

Laser cutting has no limits in terms of the ideas and designs that can be created, opening up unprecedented design possibilities for business cards. The laser is used for applications where conventional cutting tools can no longer operate. Intricate logos as well as larger-scale patterns, net-like structures and special effects can be created. Laser cutting is not only completely new in terms of the visual effect created, but also involves a tactile experience.

According to CEO and company founder Günter Makowski, "As well as a wide range of materials, we want to offer our customers a wide choice of finishes in order to give them the opportunity to design personalised or even unique business cards."

Image material is available at: https://www.printcarrier.com/userdata/u260790/data/de/downloads/presse/pressemitteilung_lasercut.zip

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