Mercuryo Is Now Available in Europe

16 Aprile 2019



Founders of the Crypto payment system Mercuryo, on its official Facebook page, have announced that the company's services are now available for residents of the European Union. In the official comment given by the Director of development Peter Kozyakov said:

"We are extremely pleased that we have finally managed to complete the adjustment of all the necessary parameters for work in Europe. We have done a lot of work to bring Mercuryo in line with European legislation on cryptocurrencies and payment services. The European market now seems to be a launching pad for our takeoff into the world economic space. I believe in Mercuryo's ability to become a popular cryptocurrency service for people all over the world," said Petr Koziakov.

The European market seems to many experts as ossified and poorly developed but sociological studies show the opposite.

66% of Europeans surveyed have heard about cryptocurrencies. Less than one in ten people (9%) invested in cryptocurrencies. In addition, 16% are planning to acquire assets in the future that could suggest that the increase of interest on crypto will double. Given that a third of Europeans surveyed (34%) have not heard of cryptocurrencies, the potential increase may even exceed expectations.

Also, about a third of respondents from Europe (35%) called cryptocurrencies 'the future of online payments.' 30% of respondents suggested that they could use digital currencies to pay for purchases from international suppliers.

In the case of bitcoin, experts say that its value may increase due to the arrival to the market of investment funds specializing in BTC, other cryptocurrencies; or services such as Mercuryo.

About Mercuryo

Mercuryo is a payment service for any purchases in cryptocurrency, with the ability to transfer any amounts around the world, as well as enabling the rapid exchange of cryptocurrencies into dollars and euros.






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