24 Febbraio 2016

CODED WORLD Fashion Show

A CODED WORLD ti invita a scoprire un Melting Pot di stili, culture, materiali e tradizioni al fashion show in cui saranno protagoniste le creazioni di Angelia Ami, la giovane stilista che ha organizzato una campagna di crowfunding per realizzare la sua collezione in cui elementi della cultura Maasai si mixano a tessuti inglesi, e Sonia De Palma, ispirata dalla Cuba delle sue origini, di cui intreccia lo stile degli anni Cinquanta con ispirazioni derivate dal bondage.

A CODED WORLD, acronimo di Combining Our Diverse Ethnicities Differently, nasce da un’idea di un caleidoscopico team di creativi, con l’obiettivo di promuovere e supportare giovani talenti nel mondo della moda, arte e musica, portatori di idee e visioni al di là delle barriere culturali.

Un progetto che guarda al futuro in una Milano sempre più multietnica.

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Sonia De Palma

The talented and free spirited Cuban designer, Sonia De Palma received her formal education at the prestigious Italian schools Istituto Burgo and European Institute of Design. 

Sonia has always been astutely attentive to her island's heritage, its rich aesthetic history and cultural commodity.  Her artistic vision fuses her passion of the 1950's with her Caribbean culture. The arts have also figured prominently in her life and work often finding it in paintings, sculptures, and music.

Sonia's inspiration for her new collection are directed by creating a successful marriage of 1950's Cuba with fabric manipulation and deconstruction while deleting the essence color but employing new dynamic dimensions of black and white with hints of bondage.

With a strong work ethic and determination along with adept skills in sewing and tailoring, her childhood dream has become a reality.  De Palma established her namesake label’s atelier in Milan the fashionable capital that has now become her second home.


Creative. Free. Explosive. These are just a few of the attributes that 22 year old Angelia Ami embodies while she is in the process of creating her collection.

The Istituto Marangoni graduate was engrossed in fashion at a very young age constantly sketching on her classroom desk and the inside pages of her Latin text books. As the only member of her family to have a career in the world of fashion, Angelia determinedly pushes for her work to transform into a brand that is simple but has character, minimal but rich of information, and packed with new imaginative ideas.

While being swept into the melodies of Japanese pianist Yiruma, Angelia generates a world of wonder with each stroke of her pencil watching her sketches come to life. Communicating originality and spewing with vibrancy, Angelia envisions her brand worn on her ideal muse Lady Gaga showcasing the strength and freedom of each piece.

Her collection never strikes the same chord always inspired by the countries she visits. Discovering the perfect fabrics and materials are the heart and soul of her design process allowing each piece to tell a story of origination and tradition.

Angelia's latest discovery was birthed last year during a summer trip to Tanzania where she fell in love with the Maasai culture, and as her inspiration for her new collection she imported beautiful blankets of bright hues of red, green, blue with hints of purple transforming them into magnificent quilted coats that are lined with silk. Angelia's inspiration also journeys to London , incorporating innovative textiles, knits and furs to create a cultural mix where her vivid and youthful designs are sure to please the masses.

Don't take your eyes off this young visionary as she crafts her collections with deft formulation and mass appeal.

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