Haier ranks among BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands

14 Giugno 2019


- It is the first time for the company to take a position in the list thanks to its business model innovation.

Haier stands in an all-new category of the ranking called the "IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem brand" which sends out new signals about brand strategy during the IoT era. Haier, which has been well known as a world's first-class brand of home appliances in the past ten years, now is recognized as the sole IoT ecosystem brand and it is the first brand listed in this category.

The company has established a unique ecosystem experience model by providing networked appliances and customized smart homes which not only helps build out the greater ecosystem of the smart home, but also takes the leading role in setting international standard.

Haier's Internet of Food (IoF), Internet of Clothing (IoC) are the leaders in defining the international standards for the IoT, paving the way for the full deployment of the IoT ecosystem in terms of technology and standards.

COSMOPlat, an industrial network platform of Haier, is the carrying platform for ecosystem brand. It is spreading a large-scale customization model which revolves around user experience and the creation of an open and multi-party interactive co-creation & sharing platform, instead of simply replacing people with robots or equipment connections or facilitating transactions.

To date, the platform has nurtured 15 emerging ecosystems. It has been replicated in 11 territories and 20 countries, building a greater ecosystem for world-wide customers, encompassing sectors such as clothing, food, accommodation, travel, health, well-being, medical, and education, among others.

Haier's management model for ecosystem brand called Rendanheyi highlights that every person and every stakeholder in Haier's ecosystem is a hub. It has been successfully applied across the U.S.' GE home appliances, New Zealand's Fisher & Paykel, Japan's Sanyo, Italy's Candy and other international brands acquired by Haier, forming a greater ecosystem of international brands.

Photo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/902149/Haier_ranks_among_BrandZ_Top_100_Most_Valuable_Global_Brands.jpg

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