PUNK RAVE advocates "getting woke" at China Shenzhen Fashion Week

15 Marzo 2019


- At the show in Shenzhen, designer ZHI YI KIM updated her original design style through the addition of Chinese elements and cyberpunk mixed in with a diversified panoply of design styles. According to the designer herself, the new design at the Chinese show will focus on the idea of "please stop doing something wrong and begin to do something right," with the goal of guiding and promoting a future-oriented consumption model that achieves a cultural, environmental, scientific and technological balance. For example, people were, once upon a time, infatuated by genuine animal furs, but later realized the negative impact on the future natural ecology, and most have given up real fur products and promoted the use of artificial fur as a substitute. In a move to recognize this awakening of the mind, the designer selected a scene full of animal specimens in the latest LOOK BOOK, representing what had been done before and refusing to repeat those actions as a way of supporting a better future. This show is divided into two parts: the past and the future. By comparing the expression on the faces and in the body language of the LOOK BOOK models and the designer, the audience will see that the models are expressing a lot of confidence in the future-oriented photos, but are full of pain and compassion when confronted with the scene full of animal specimens.

PUNK RAVE, one of the more interesting brands as well as one with a strong sense of social responsibility, comes from China, the birthplace of Oriental civilization.

Photo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/836295/PUNK_RAVE.jpg


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