Xinhua Silk Road: Tasly remains China's 2019 National Tech Innovation Demonstration Enterprise

16 Agosto 2019


- Tasly has developed the proprietary 5th-generation whole-process high speed dripping pill machine, which is regarded as a landmark equipment of modern intelligent production of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

The machine makes it possible to transform TCM from liquid to solid in a tube of over ten meters through electromagnetic levitation vibration and cryogenic technology, and turns the former bolus into small and micro dripping pill.

The machine with independent intellectual property rights not only represents a major breakthrough in the intelligent manufacturing of modern Chinese medicine, but also represents the direction of intelligent production of modern TCM.

Tasly is also determined to promote TCM in the global market, which means its products should stand the test of international standards.

"Our responsibility is to establish advanced standard and make every detail perfect to make our products withstand the test of international standards," said Sun Wei, the QA Manager of International Industrial Center.

On the basis of deeply study towards drug regulations of China, America and Europe, Sun Wei and her team carried out research and evaluation of hundreds of testing methods and finally established 12 kinds of quality control standard methods, which fully confirm that the quality of Compound Danshen Dripping Pill is stable and controllable.

Meanwhile, Tasly is committed to R&D of urgently needed drugs in clinical practice, and constructing a greater biomedical pattern featuring the coordinated development of modern TCM, chemical drugs and biological drugs, with innovative upgrades made in every element of the whole industrial chain.

See the original link: https://en.imsilkroad.com/p/307668.html

Video - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/961154/Tasly.mp4

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